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Sentinel Transforms Hotel Check-In: Facial Recognition Meets Hospitality

Sentinel introduces a ground-breaking facial recognition system for hotels, transforming the traditional check-in process into a fast, secure and automated experience. This innovative solution eliminates the need for front desk staff and offers guests a convenient and fast way to start their stay.

The hospitality challenge:
Hotels face the dual challenge of improving the guest experience while maintaining robust security. The traditional check-in process, which relies on front desk staff, often results in longer wait times and a less streamlined experience. And studies show that guests, especially in business hotels, don’t like to go to the front desk to check in and would prefer an automated check-in system.

Innovative solution with Sentinel:
The hotel’s self-check-in system is powered by Sentinel’s facial recognition technology, offering guests flexibility and convenience. Guests have the option of registering their facial data online at the time of booking from the comfort of their own home, or on arrival at the hotel using the self-check-in kiosks. This initial registration is a quick, one-time process that allows the system to recognize them for the duration of their stay. Once registered, guests can effortlessly access their rooms without the need for traditional keys or cards, simply by having their face scanned at the room entrance. This innovative approach not only streamlines the check-in process, but also enhances overall security and guest convenience.

Impact on guest experience:
The integration of Sentinel significantly improves the guest experience. Check-ins are faster, waiting times are reduced and guest satisfaction is increased. The contactless nature of the system adds a layer of hygiene, a growing concern in the hospitality industry. The integration of the Sentinel system brings a transformative improvement to the guest experience, characterised by notable improvements at key touchpoints.

Swift and Streamlined Check-ins: Sentinel significantly reduces the time required for check-ins, creating a seamless and efficient process for guests. With contactless technology, guests can bypass traditional reception lines, saving valuable time and minimizing congestion in the lobby area.

Reduced Waiting Times: Sentinel’s automation capabilities effectively eliminate unnecessary waiting periods, allowing guests to enjoy a swift and hassle-free experience. This reduction in waiting times enhances overall satisfaction and leaves a positive impression from the moment they arrive.

Heightened Guest Satisfaction: The amalgamation of speed, convenience, and hygiene fostered by Sentinel results in elevated guest satisfaction. Frictionless check-ins and reduced waiting times contribute to an enjoyable and stress-free stay, reinforcing the hotel’s commitment to exceptional service.

Enhanced Hygiene and Safety: In the current hospitality landscape, the contactless nature of Sentinel adds an essential layer of hygiene and safety. Guests can complete check-in procedures and access their rooms without the need for physical interaction or the exchange of items like keys or cards, mitigating the risk of contamination and providing peace of mind.

Improved security and privacy:
Sentinel also addressed security concerns. The system ensured that only registered guests have access to their rooms, improving overall security. In addition, guests have control over their data, with options to determine the length of storage or reuse for future bookings, addressing privacy concerns.

The implementation of Sentinel in this hotel chain demonstrated the potential of facial recognition technology to transform the hospitality industry. It provided the perfect blend of speed, convenience, security and privacy, setting a new standard for the guest experience.