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Ethical Manifesto

Ethical Manifesto of AVA-X: Guiding AI Development with Integrity

Acknowledging the Challenges of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT)

At AVA-X, we recognize the complexities and potential issues associated with Facial Recognition Technology. We understand that:

  • Errors and Biases: FRT can produce errors and biases, which need to be continually addressed.
  • Potential for Misuse: The misuse of FRT can significantly infringe upon the human rights of individuals and minorities.
  • Need for Human Oversight: AI, while advanced, requires human control and transparency to ensure ethical deployment.

Our Responsibility: Pioneering AI with Ethical Principles

We believe the technology sector holds a crucial responsibility in guiding AI development with ethical principles to build public trust. This trust is essential for realizing AI’s full potential for individuals, businesses, and society. AVA-X champions the establishment of an ethical framework to ensure fair and responsible AI development. We recognize that this endeavor demands cooperation and dialogue and are committed to leading this effort with our principles.

Our Ethical Principles in AI Development

  • Fairness: We are dedicated to developing and deploying FRT in a manner that treats all individuals fairly and equitably.
  • Transparency: The capabilities and limitations of FRT are documented and communicated clearly, ensuring stakeholders understand the technology’s scope.
  • Accountability: We support our customers in deploying FRT responsibly, maintaining a necessary level of human oversight, especially in scenarios with significant consequences.
  • Non-Discrimination: Our terms of service explicitly prohibit the use of FRT for unlawful discrimination. Our highest aim is to develop AI free of racial or gender biases.
  • Notice and Consent: We advocate for our private sector customers to inform and obtain consent when deploying FRT, upholding ethical standards.
  • Lawful Surveillance: In law enforcement surveillance scenarios, we promote safeguards for democratic freedoms and will not deploy FRT where these freedoms are at risk.

Commitment to Ethical AI

AVA-X is dedicated to advancing AI technology ethically and responsibly. We believe that the right ethical framework, coupled with industry collaboration, can lead to AI developments that benefit society as a whole. We invite others in the sector to join us in this crucial endeavor, shaping a future where AI is developed with the utmost regard for ethics and human values.