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Pioneering Facial Recognition for Critical Investigations


Advanced Facial Recognition for Diverse Investigative Needs

Sentinel INVESTIGATION is revolutionizing the field of digital data analysis by offering swift and accurate face matching across various data sources. Our AI-driven technology is designed for unparalleled accuracy and reliability, making it an essential tool in law enforcement, intelligence operations, NGO missions, and sports event management.

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Sentinel INVESTIGATION leads in identifying individuals in images, videos, and documents. Our system expedites the analysis process, enabling analysts to focus on pertinent evidence, thus enhancing both efficiency and accuracy. We prioritize data security and privacy, integrating robust measures to protect against unauthorized access.

DALL·E 2024-01-28 19.11.33 - Photo realistic image with a 16_9 aspect ratio, depicting the mood of advanced facial recognition technology with a focus on a woman's face. The scene

Addressing the Challenges of
Traditional Investigation Methods

Traditional investigative techniques often face limitations in areas like

Intensive Image Analysis

Managing high volumes of visual data in cases of violence or criminal activities.

Time-Pressed Analysis

The need for rapid, yet thorough, analysis of complex data.

Capacity Constraints

The limited ability of law enforcement to review extensive data evidence comprehensively.

Accuracy and Reliability

Minimizing false positives and ensuring reliable results.

Our Solution:

Sentinel INVESTIGATION analyzes terabytes of data instantly, yielding potential face matches with industry-leading accuracy. Our technology outperforms benchmarks, even exceeding major industry competitors.

DALL·E 2024-01-28 19.02.57 - Photo realistic image depicting the mood of high-tech data analysis for Iris Investigation. Visualize a stream of data transforming into clear, distin

Key Benefits of IRIS Investigation

Fast and Accurate Identification

Quickly locate suspects, missing persons, or persons of interest in extensive datasets.

Unbiased and Reliable

Designed for unbiased, dependable operation.

Data Privacy Compliance

Developed in-house in Switzerland, adhering to strict data privacy standards.

Informed Decision-Making

Powers analysts with precise, actionable intelligence.


Applications Across Scenarios

Case Studies


Integrating Sentinel INVESTIGATION

Seamlessly adaptable to various investigative needs, Sentinel INVESTIGATION is a vital tool in criminal investigations, fraud detection, missing person searches, and event security management. Our technology is designed to respect data protection laws, ensuring responsible and compliant usage in sensitive scenarios.

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