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Sentinel LIVE

Enhance your security with advanced facial recognition for accurate live surveillance

Sentinel LIVE

Real-Time Surveillance Powered by Advanced AI

Sentinel LIVE offers real-time surveillance capabilities, integrating advanced AI to monitor and analyze live video feeds. This product is designed for high-security areas where immediate recognition and response are crucial, providing live updates and alerts to enhance situational awareness and security measures.

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Sentinel LIVE elevates real-time surveillance by leveraging advanced facial recognition technology. This sophisticated AI system quickly and accurately identifies individuals in live video feeds, making it essential for maintaining security in critical environments. With a focus on precision, privacy, and impartiality, Sentinel LIVE sets new benchmarks in surveillance technology.

Explore Our Cutting-Edge Technology
Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Access Control Systems

Sentinel LIVE: Streamlined integration, enhanced security

Sentinel LIVE revolutionises real-time surveillance with low hardware requirements and seamless integration with existing CCTV systems. This advanced solution uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to enhance security measures without the need for extensive new infrastructure. By leveraging existing camera networks, Sentinel LIVE provides a cost-effective, scalable and robust surveillance upgrade. It offers a significant improvement over traditional security systems, addressing common vulnerabilities such as unauthorised access, while maintaining strict hygiene standards through its contactless identification capabilities.


Benefits of Sentinel LIVE

Cost-Effective Installation

Sentinel LIVE leverages existing CCTV setups, reducing the need for additional hardware and making it a cost-effective upgrade for enhanced security

Enhanced Security

Utilizing advanced facial recognition, Sentinel LIVE offers superior monitoring capabilities, quickly identifying and verifying individuals in real-time.


Easily scalable, Sentinel LIVE integrates with any size of CCTV infrastructure, making it ideal for both small businesses and large enterprises.

High Accuracy

Sentinel LIVE’s facial recognition technology delivers high accuracy in identifying individuals, significantly reducing the chances of false positives.


Industries Benefiting from Sentinel LIVE

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