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Advanced AI for Facial Recognition in Access Control and Investigations.
100% Swiss Made.

Elevating security and intelligence, AVA-X specializes in advanced facial recognition and NLP solutions. Our Swiss-engineered AI technology serves governments, security forces, sport industries, and NGOs, enhancing safety and operational efficiency across sectors.

Our AI Products

Sentinel ACCESS

Advanced biometric access control using facial recognition for efficient, secure management of building/event access, responding in milliseconds. Perfect for businesses needing reliable access solutions.

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Sentinel LIVE

Sentinel LIVE offers real-time surveillance capabilities, integrating advanced AI to monitor and analyze live video feeds. This product is designed for high-security areas where immediate recognition and response are crucial.

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Sentinel INVESTIGATION: Revolutionizes digital data analysis with AI, matching faces across data sources with high accuracy. Essential for security and intelligence agencies.

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Heliospan - OSINT and SOCMINT

Advanced NLP for data mining, text analysis, and semantic search. Easily navigate and interpret large unstructured datasets. Delivers contextually relevant results, ideal for organizations with extensive data.

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Transforming Industries with AI

Discover how AVA-X’s facial recognition and NLP technologies redefine industry standards. Our Swiss-made AI solutions are tailored for sectors including security, government, sports, and NGOs, boosting efficiency and safety.

Our technologies play a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of security industries and intelligence services, providing precise and reliable tools for facial data analysis and surveillance. For NGOs, we offer innovative AI applications to aid in data management and strategic planning, boosting the efficacy of humanitarian efforts.

In the realm of sports events, our solutions ensure unparalleled security and efficient management, enhancing safety and experience for participants and attendees alike. Discover the transformative impact of our AI expertise across diverse sectors, from security and intelligence to humanitarian work and sports events.

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