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Explore Our AI Products: Sentinel, IRIS, and Heliospan

Discover AVA-X’s AI products: Sentinel for advanced facial recognition access control, IRIS for critical facial investigation and Heliospan for deep natural language processing. Built with Swiss precision, our solutions meet the needs of industries ranging from security to sports and humanitarian efforts.

Our AI Products

Sentinel - Access Control

Sentinel utilizes state-of-the-art biometric access control through facial recognition, offering secure and rapid management of access to buildings and events. This highly efficient system responds within milliseconds, ideal for businesses seeking dependable access management solutions.

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IRIS - Investigation

IRIS Investigation employs AI to transform digital data analysis, expertly matching faces from various sources with exceptional accuracy. It’s an indispensable tool for security and intelligence agencies, streamlining their investigative processes.

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Heliospan - OSINT and SOCMINT

Utilizing advanced NLP technology, this solution excels in data mining, text analysis, and semantic search. It simplifies the navigation and interpretation of large unstructured datasets, providing contextually accurate results. Perfect for organizations managing extensive data.

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