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Pioneering Access Control: SAFOS AG and AVA-X Partnership

In a groundbreaking collaboration, SAFOS AG and AVA-X have joined forces to transform the way companies manage access control. Integrating Sentinel’s facial recognition software into SAFOS’s state-of-the-art security gates, this partnership is setting new standards in secure and efficient access management.

Challenge and Solution: Integrating Advanced Facial Recognition

The challenge in modern access control systems is to balance stringent security requirements with operational efficiency. SAFOS AG, a leader in security metal construction, partnered with AVA-X to address this challenge by integrating Sentinel, AVA-X’s advanced facial recognition software, into their latest turnstile solution.

Innovative Access Control for Sensitive Areas

This innovative access control system is a response to customer demands for a more streamlined and secure method of regulating entry into sensitive areas, such as office spaces handling confidential data. The key feature of this system is its use of Sentinel’s facial recognition technology, which can recognize faces in a fraction of a second and grant access accordingly.

Enhanced Group Entry Management with Dual-Camera System

One of the unique aspects of this system is the incorporation of two cameras within the turnstile’s structure. These cameras, in conjunction with a built-in computer, can identify individuals almost instantaneously and grant access. This dual-camera setup is particularly effective in managing group entries, quickly determining if all group members have access rights, thereby significantly speeding up the entry process.

Benefits for High-Security Office Spaces

This innovation is not only suitable for office spaces with high-security needs but also represents a potential upgrade for any company currently relying on more cumbersome key or badge systems. The ease of managing facial recognition data compared to traditional methods and the reduced risk of lost keys or badges make Sentinel an attractive alternative.

Positive Feedback and Data Protection Measures

The introduction of the Sentinel-powered SAFOS turnstile has received enthusiastic feedback from security chiefs and facility managers. Its ability to enhance security while simplifying access control operations is evident. Concerns about data protection have been addressed proactively, with assurances that the system is designed with the utmost care in data security, ensuring no personal data is stored.

Streamlining Visitor Access

Additionally, the system offers a streamlined solution for visitor access. Once visitors are registered at the reception with a photograph, no further checks are needed, significantly reducing the workload at reception points.

Conclusion: Impact of the SAFOS AG and AVA-X Collaboration

The collaboration between SAFOS AG and AVA-X, particularly with the support of Deep Impact, has been marked by rapid development and responsive customization to meet specific requirements. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to revolutionizing access control technology, providing businesses with enhanced security and operational efficiency.